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New, addition or alteration house plan services: SANS competent person
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At KMI House plans we know that building the house of your dreams starts with finding the perfect designed plan. Whether you are planning, building or doing alterations to your house, it is sometimes not the best experience you can have, but we will get you off to the best possible start. Our expert service and advice will make planning your dream house a breeze.

Welcome to KMI House Plans South Africa

Save thousands with our selection

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Compared to Architects charging up to 3,5% or even more of the estimated building cost of a project to draw a house plans, then our plans is a sure giveaway starting at only R400 for a plan! Browse our collection of Drawn House Plans from Building plans, garage plans, and other minor plans i.e. Tool Sheds, Wendy houses, Pools, Lapa's, Boundary walls, Animal enclosures, Dog kennels and many more plans to choose from.

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We provide more than Pre Drawn House Plans

We can assist you every step of the way. Do you need a alteration made on your existing house plan? Do you need a Site plan to be drawn or do you need your newly drawn house plans submitted to your Local Authority/ Municipality?

We do it all! We have the experience and we have the Plans!

We are experienced in all phases of the architectural, engineering and building industry. We provide a full range of draughting services including design, development, building plans, house plans, electrical and plumbing drawings and submitting to the municipality to get the plans approved. For any of these services please get in touch with us via our contact us section.

Our experience enables us to handle the most sophisticated and complex house plans projects, but we also do cater for the smaller jobs/ plans. We take on any project or "nuisance work." No job is too small or too big - if it can be drawn, we will draw it!!!
every building begins with a dream Proven excellence you can trust at a price you can afford.

With over 18 years combined experience in the draughting industry makes us your number one choice for draughting your house plans. Our services offers you a complete house plans draughting service by means of a variety of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and draughting solutions for both private individuals and professional organizations

We give you that personal touch. At KMI house plans we provide a comprehensive range of skills and services to assist in progressing your project. Discuss your house plan requirements with us and we'll help as far as possible with your plans.

If you don't feel like struggling with the Municipality submissions for approval of your house plans, we can submit these plans on your behalf and follow up on a regular basis to ensure that your house plans get the attention it deserves, and approval is not delayed for your plans.

We know that submitting house plans can sometimes be a case of simply designing a house for your children, your office or for a big company, you may just want to extend your kitchen. The problem is waiting hours before the Municipality pays attention to you and your plan submission. WE CAN HELP WITH THAT!.
Once your plans are drawn up, you'll need to get it approved at your Local Authority. Kmi House Plans can assist you in this process of getting it approved.

3D designs at a affordable price

NEW - Articles and Documents section

Our Articles and documents section will provide some guidelines, through the process of getting your house plans drawn and submitted to the council. Also included are contracts, templates which may be used as guideline in appointing a builder for your house, personnel. We started include some Quality Management documentation/ QM Documents policies processes, for your quality processes. Keep watching this section as we will add more documents as we obtain them.

All our Articles re available on our site, or you can visit our published articles on various sites e.g. Blog spot Articles,, Weebly,
Please visit our article pages and/ or LINKEDIN to give us feedback and comment on our house plans, services or articles.

Developers and development of residential property
We have assisted various developers with residential designs and the designs surrounding the development of property and real estate. the services we provide here is to design a couple of residential houses for clients to choose from, to be built on the property they choose from the residential development. The real estate is a market which requires professional attention to detail when a design is made for residential development. Over designing may cause, the property not to sell and with each month passing a loss is made. Developers is to make money, but when architects draughtsman over design a residential home, may cause a interested clients to back down as this will be more costs. Every one wants to make money or save money, thus a win-win situation must be reached from the start of a design of a residential property during a development in a real estate environment.

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