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Welcome to our About Us page South Africa and International

Whether it is your first time building a house or if you are an experienced builder -

Our aim is to make quality home design affordable by using the power of the Web to showcase and deliver our world class plans. What was once a complex process of designing a home from the ground up is now a streamlined, easy to use method of just searching our database for the plan that will fit your requirements.

It's the smart alternative to contacting an architect (paying thousands) and designing a house from scratch.
Thus saving you TIME AND MONEY...

An original custom home plan can cost 15% or more of the construction budget, but we can save you thousands because the cost of each stock home plan is amortized over many sales, and house plan customization is simplified. We offer a complete one stop resource for your home building project requirements.

We produce all the detailed drawings, architectural plans and re-enforcement drawings for any private/ commercial development or renovation.

We currently operate from two local offices in Pretoria, one in Centurion and the other in Wonderboom.

When you order a plan from us you will receive a complete drawing (.pdf) of the plan. You will need to download the adobe reader to view your plan. The plan is drawn by an SACAP registered draughtsman so you can be assured of the highest quality.

The drawing will contain the plan lay-out, elevations, sections and other detailed drawings as required by the Local Authority of the main structure/ building.
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